Designer: Chelsea May Riddle

"I started Chelsea-May in mid 2016 - birthed from the launch of my graduate collection in college. Since then, the direction of the label has been steered by both my hearts cry as a designer, and also my response to the orders/requests coming in - evolving into an exciting combination.

What started out as an exclusively formal wear project, has now expanded out into Bridal. Custom bridal is now available so please feel encouraged to enquire about that - and stay tuned for the release of my first bridal collection in 2019!

All gowns are designed, cut and sewn in house, with a main focus on custom pieces. The purpose behind this label is to provide women with the chance to feel liberated and spiritually aware -  embracing our youthful and Godly nature.

>> Enquire Here   or  email:  chelsea@chelsea-may.com